About Us

At Big Trip we get things done. And we get them done right. Such has been our consistent success in the field of travel that over the years our business has grown by leaps and bounds largely due to trustworthy referrals. And that is why when you come to Big Trip to plan your next holiday or business trip, it is not only our advanced expertise that guides you but also the legacy we are leaving behind.

Our Mission:

To ensure the best travel experience for all kinds of travel requirements within the fastest turnaround time at the most competitive prices.

Our Vision:

– Top enter the top 25 Travel Companies List

– To Establish a Global Presence Powerhouse for all Travel Solutions

– Become Destination Specialists

– Focus on Boosting Corporate Travel

Because we understand travel is more than just going to one place and coming back. It is about experiencing every moment in between to its highest level. And this is the belief our founder's share...

About the Founders:
  •  Mr. Tarun Shah

    - Calling Tarun an avid traveller would be an understatement. His agenda is that he wants to see everything, everywhere. Along with dropping exciting new ideas for the next Big holiday destinations is he also one of the leading brains at Avirahi Group of Companies. Between travel and work he also manages to find time to enjoy swimming, reading and playing video games.

  •  Mr. Dhaval Ved

    - Dhaval is the first one to drop everything he is doing and zip off to some exotic new destination for a solo sojourn. His stories are full of wonder and wow! When not travelling you will find his sharp mind tackling legal matters at his Law Firm - Ved's Chambers. A film buff and music maniac, Dhaval is always looking at his next big destination.

  •  Mr. Ashish Sharma

    - Walking into the Big Trip office you will probably find Ashish on the phone with a client or in a meeting with his team working on ideas and processes to better travel. With years of experience in finance and insurance, he brings to the table ideas to reduce costs for travellers and streamline processes of transit. When not working (which is rare), he is playing cricket (which his wife hates), and cooking (which his wife loves).

  •  Mrs. Urvi Shah

    - An ex banker a frequent traveller and working partner at Bigtrip.. She loves to cook, watch movies and travelling is something she is always ready for.. Rigth from HSBC to HDFC she had worked and grown in the field she chooses.. At Bigtrip she heads the holiday packages team.

Our Services:
• Holiday Plans
– Family Vacations
– Honeymoon Destinations
– Custom Tours
• Business Travel
– Single Traveller
– Group Conventions/Conferences
• Hotel Bookings
• Visa Solutions
• Travel Insurances
• Ticketing Solutions


We offer a full range of Corporate Travel management Services which includes :

For further information please contact our Sales Department -
Tel: 022-49711763 / 768     Mob No.: +91-9969966366 Email: info@mybigtrip.in